• How do I subscribe to the Queenbots app?

To suscribe to the Queenbot app, choose either the King’s plan or Queen’s plan. You’ll need to add required amount of BUSD to your metamask or trust wallet before you carry out this transaction.

  • What are the benefits associated with each subscription plan on the Queenbots app?

Each plan comes with its associated NFC card. With king’s plan, the daily withdrawal limit is set to 25000 QBT. With queen’s plan, you are eligible to receive airdrops of up to 10,000 QBT and, the daily withdrawal limit is set to 1,00,000 QBT.

  • Are there any fees or charges associated with the King's or Queen's subscription on the Queenbots app?

The king’s plan comes for 60 BUSD, and the queen’s plan comes for 200 BUSD. This is a one-time fee that will give you access to to all services within the Queenbots ecosystem, without any need for renewals.

  • How long is the subscription period for either of the plans?

With any subscription you take on the Queenbots app- king’s plan or queen’s plan, it’s a one time fee that gives you access to all services within the ecosystem. There is no subscription period associated with either and no renewals are required.

  • Can I change my subscription plan on the Queenbots defi app?

Being a decentralised platform, all transactions are recorded on the blockchain which consequentially leaves no room for tampering or malpratices. This prevents from any unwarranted changes being made, essentially preventing you from changing any of your transactions.

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