• How do I set up my payment details on the app?

Add “QBT” from the Binance Smart Chain on your digital walllet. Copy and paste the QBT contract address in the required field. Under “Receive” you will find the wallet address that is to be linked to your Queenbots account. Copy and paste it on the Queenbots app.

This connects your digital wallet of choice to your Queenbots user wallet, through which you can carry out all transactions associated to the platform.

QBT Smart Contract Address: 0xEF048634a3583386d09FfaD8B445c7C5A97cE179

  • Can I use multiple payment methods on the app?

Only one wallet address can be associated with your Queenbots account. You cannot add multiple wallets for one user.

  • How do I change or update my payment information on the app?

You can’t change your wallet address on the app. It is important to remember the correct wallet address and its key phrase, as it is the only way to access your funds.

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