Managing your Account

  • How do I create an account on the Queenbots app?

Install the Queenbots app from google playstore. Once you open the app on your device, enter your digital wallet address to proceed to availing the products and services on the platform. Your Trust Wallet or Metamask wallet address acts as your log in ID.

Google PlayStore:

  • What types of digital wallets are supported by Queenbots?

You can buy and transfer your funds through metamask and trust wallet.

  • How to link my wallet to the app?

Add “QBT” from the Binance Smart Chain on your digital walllet. Copy and paste the QBT contract address in the required field. Under “Receive” you will find the wallet address that is to be linked to your Queenbots account. Copy and paste it on the Queenbots app.

QBT Smart Contract Address: 0xEF048634a3583386d09FfaD8B445c7C5A97cE179

  • Can I link more than one digital wallet to my Queenbots account?

Only one wallet can be linked per account. Any other attempts will be invalidated.

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