Deposits & Withdrawals

  • How do I deposit funds into my Queenbots account?

Buy QBT from any exchange through the wallet you’ve connected your account to, and it should reflect in the app. In case of new a sign up, have the required amount of BUSD(for subscription fee) and BNB(for gas fees) in your linked wallet before you proceed to subscribing and any other services.

  • How long does it take for a deposit to reflect in my account?

As the transactions are carried out on a blockchain, they are fast and secure. Any purchases you make should reflect in your account instantly.

  • How can I withdraw my rewards?

You can withdraw your assets by transferring all the rewards from your respective wallets within the app to your main user wallet, and proceed to withdraw it to your Metamask or Trust Wallet.

Or you can directly convert your digital currency to fiat through our POS solution. Find the nearest POS merchant and withdraw your amount with a simple tap of your NFC card.

  • What is the minimum and maximum amount I can deposit or withdraw on the app?

You’re required to buy a minimum of 3000 QBT. There is no upper limit set to your purchase.

  • Are there any taxes, fees, or charges associated with deposits and withdrawals on the app?

There are no taxes charged by Queenbots on the purchase of assets. However, DeFi protocols and withdrawals are charged with gas fees as they are functions carried out within the Queenbots ecosystem.

The amount of gas fees charged depends on the network congestion at the time of transaction. All gas fees are charged in BNB.

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